New Teach Handwriting Website Design


On Friday 19th October 2018, after 4 pm (UK time), we will be changing over to our new website design.

You will still have free access (non-commercial use only) to all the information, tips, advice and free animations and worksheets that you currently have.

In the new design:

Navigation is by button click-through, instead of our drop-down menus, to make it easier for tablet and mobile phone users.

There are specific Teacher and Parent sections to make it more specific to our visitor’s needs.

More information is available directly from the pages so that you don’t have to download games instructions etc.

The new Teachers section has been split into three district Key Stages:

  • Foundation Stage (4 – 5 year olds)
  • Key Stage 1 (5 – 7 year olds)
  • Key Stage 2 (7 – 11 year olds).


The information and free resources within them are Key Stage specific, designed to support teachers with the teaching of handwriting and to aid identifying and supporting any handwriting difficulties.


The new Parent section has been created to help and support parents and careers who wish, or need, to support their children’s handwriting at home. The information and free resources have been organised in to age groups to help parent/careers understand whether their child’s handwriting is of the expected standard for their age and how to support them if they need extra help.

Changes to our Website


Hope you are all having an enjoyable Easter break.

We have added new National Curriculum pages relating to handwriting to support schools and parents who use the website in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Our new look ‘About Us’ pages provide a more detailed view of who we are and what we offer parents, carers and schools.

All the free letter animations and worksheets are still available to you in their family groups. They are now listed in learning order within the groups, not alphabetical order. This has also been applied to the accompanying worksheets.

We have also redesigned our icon tips, additional information and warm up exercise buttons so that they stand out more on the pages.

We hope you find these changes useful.

Lucy & Chris